Blog  Meet Your Regional Board Candidates for 2017-2018

Meet Your Regional Board Candidates for 2017-2018

We are thrilled to have a talented, passionate group of leaders who have committed to running for Regional Board for the 2017-2018 school year. These teens have crafted Letters of Intent, which you can read by clicking their names, so you can explore their ideas before elections at our Spring Kallah in Milwaukee, April 20-23rd. At our elections, they will also deliver speeches and host meet the candidate sessions before our temple youth groups vote on the next Regional Board!

Jake Henry candidate for President

AlanaTurnbull candidate for President

Quinn Shragg candidate for PVP

Gabby Harmoning candidate for SAVP

Sloan Sprau candidate for SAVP

Sam Elwood candidate for RCVP

Aviva Silverman candidate for RCVP

Zachary Kaplan candidate for MVP